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The Professional Road Running Organization (PRRO) is inviting prize money races of all sizes to show their support of Clean Sport by becoming Allied Members of PRRO. In doing so, top runners at Allied Member races may be selected for pre-competition testing on race weekend.


PRRO, launched in 1995, is an alliance of race directors who together organize and promote the PRRO Circuit, a nationwide series of premier non-marathon road racing events, including both Open and U.S.-only races that offer significant prize purses. PRRO has financed drug testing of top finishers at their events for many years, including both pre-competition and day-of-race testing.


Currently, testing by PRRO, USATF, and the IAAF is limited to the very top runners in the sport, creating a gap that allows many elite road racers to avoid testing. PRRO is working to bridge that gap by inviting other races - including those with smaller prize purses - to join the Clean Sport Initiative by becoming PRRO Allied Members.


PRRO Allied Member Benefits:

  • Underscore a shared commitment to a clean sport by joining the fight against performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) without the full cost of adding in-competition drug testing to your event, which can be prohibitive for many races.

  • Positive publicity in joining the fight against performance enhancing drugs.

  • Demonstrating to top runners that your event not only supports clean sport, but has also invested in a clean sport.

  • Use of the tagline and hashtag to be included on entry form, website, social media or other places: "PRRO Allied Member - Supporting Clean Sport" and #CleanSport.

  • Listing on the PRRO website as an Allied Member Supporting Clean Sport.

PRRO Allied Member Obligations:

  • Annual membership fee of $500 (races with fewer than 3,000 runners on race weekend) or $1,000 (more than 3,000 runners), which will be used to help finance the testing program.

  • In accordance with best practices, maintain PRRO policy of not paying travel & lodging for anyone returning to competition after a 2-year or longer drug ban.

Show your support for "Clean Sport"; become a PRRO Allied Member today by emailing PRRO President Don Kardong at


The PRRO Allied Member program is supported by a grant from

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